Trade your gift card for cash Wednesday only

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DENVER – You can exchange unwanted gift cards for cold hard cash Wednesday, the day after Christmas only.

If you are one of millions of Americans that got a gift card for Christmas, but are not exactly thrilled by the products or stores it goes to, then have no fear – Gift Card Exchange Day is today.

According to CNBC, websites like need to replenish their inventory. Meanwhile, sellers can compare bids from different gift card exchange sites to get the highest price.

Here’s how it works: If you get a $100 gift card to a store you are not interested in, you can go online and sell it. The websites will want to buy the card at a discount and may offer you $85 dollars. Now that’s $85 in you pocket instead of an unwanted $100 gift card.

Then the website will take your gift card and resell it to a new buyer, again at a discount. They may sell the $100 for $90 to another person.

The process creates a three way win-win.  The original card holder gets cash. The company pockets $5 for the transaction and the third person gets $100 worth of goods at a $10 discount.

More than 50 percent of consumers purchased gift cards for the holiday season, according to a National Retail Federation survey.

To trade in your gift card for cash, visit or and simply enter the merchant name and card amount. Offers are automatically generated.

Other companies, including Cardpool, GiftCardRescue and CouponTrade will buy your card at 50 or 90 percent of the face value.

FOX31 Denver is interested in talking to anyone interested in trying this process out. E-mail us if you are interested in participating.