Denver Public Works rewards legally-parked drivers with prepaid parking cards

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DENVER -- When Joseph Purvis walks up to a car, he typically gets this reaction:

“Sir, wait! I`m right here!” Purvis said, imitating a concerned driver about to get a parking ticket from him.

For three years, Purvis has been handing out parking tickets. But recently, he`s been getting a different greeting from drivers.

“Is this a joke?” a woman asked as Purvis handed her a $5 parking card.

No, it`s not a joke. This holiday season, Denver Public Works is giving away 250 $5 parking cards.

And Purvis is one of many parking officers who will be strolling the streets rewarding people who park legally.

The “Parking Angels,” as they’re being called, will be out and about until December 31, happy to be spreading cheer this holiday season.