Colorado Springs pastor punched in face while thwarting Christmas robbery

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Burglary Burglar

(Photo: MGN Online)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — There was only one thing going through Pastor Jim Stevens’ mind as a would-be burglar began running toward him on Christmas morning.

“I’m thinking, ‘Does he have a gun, does he have a gun?'” Stevens told the Colorado Springs Gazette.

Thankfully for Stevens, his assailant was only prepared to use his fists.

“He clocked me in the face, and then he was gone,” Stevens said.

Police said Stevens, a youth pastor at Central Church of the Nazarene in Colorado Springs, came to the aid of one of his vacationing neighbors in the 2500 block of East San Miguel Street at approximately 10:45 a.m. on Christmas day, when it became apparent the unoccupied house was being robbed.

Two women and one man were involved in the burglary, according to police. The male suspect escaped, but both women were apprehended. Stevens pinned down one of the two women until police arrived.

He told the newspaper that the woman told him she was pregnant.

Stevens wasn’t the only neighbor the homeowners have to thank for thwarted the burglary. Noticing some suspicious activity around the unoccupied home, another neighbor was the first to call Stevens, who then called police.

After making the 911 call, Stevens shut down an unfamiliar car that was left running outside the home in question, and noticed one woman standing outside.

Moments later, police said a man and another woman emerged from the house with their arms full of belongings. Upon seeing Stevens, police said the male suspect “bum-rushed” him, throwing the items in his direction, punching him in the face and running off.

The male suspect was still at large as of Wednesday. Police said they were unable to track him after another neighbor shoveled away footprints the suspect originally left at the scene.