Broomfield cafe Loft Tea caters well to those with specialty diets

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BROOMFIELD, Colo. -- Located right by the First Bank Center in Broomfield, you’ll find a cozy cafe called Loft Tea. And they’re all about being healthy and organic, which you can see in their menu.

“Our focus has always been since day one to have as much of our products -- 100 percent organic drinks, sandwiches, soups and salads to be locally sourced as much as possible,” Loft Tea owner and operator Nahetzin Grijalva said. “We really cater to a lot of specialty diets. Like people who can’t have gluten or dairy, or vegan diets.”

The cafe offers a variety of breakfast and lunch items. We sent our writer Annalisa and her fiancé Paul to try some of their popular sandwiches.

The happy couple started off with the Breakfast Breggo, a stuffed pastry from Boulder, and a Hot Turkey Panini loaded with organic vegetables.

And if you want to enjoy a hot drink in the chilly weather, try one of their specialty teas or coffees.

The cafe has also become a one-stop shop for locals.

“We're kind of like a small convenient store,” Grijalva said. “People can come in and get their milk from us, their yogurt from us. They're little things that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to living in this area.”

But mostly, Grijalva says she’s focused on making the experience of every customer all that it can possibly be.

“When a person comes in here, I really want them to feel that they have the person to person connection," Grijalva said. "I want them to know they’re getting a great-quality tasting drink or food that they know has been made with care.”