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‘Goosinator’ scares geese away from parks, golf courses

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DENVER -- A former model toy store owner has come up with a very unique way to chase those pesky Canada Geese out of parks, yards and golf courses. His answer is the Goosinator!

“We were asked to come up with some remote controlled device which would be able to operate on any surface,” said Randy Claussen, inventor for RMED Concepts.

“I knew they simply duck—no pun intended—when model planes fly over them, so we needed something that would operate on ice, snow, water and muddy ground. That’s how we came up with a kind of plane, without wings but with pontoons.”

The Goosinator is so effective Denver Parks have already bought several and plan to buy even more.

“In Denver, we can have upwards of 10,000 geese in our parks and golf courses during the winter, when they should be heading south,” said Parks & Rec deputy manager Scott Gilmore.

“In the 20s, residents living around Washington Park loved the birds so much they are reported to have clipped their wings keeping them grounded in Mile High. Now, they never leave!”

The company is getting orders from all over…golf courses, cities and just folks tired of dealing with goose-poop parks as they call them. The upside is that they're so cheap - even anyone with bad credit loans can get one and begin enjoying golf again!

No way to know if Arnold the "Terminator" knows about the Goosinator, but if he did you can only guess what he’d say … “Tell the birds, I’ll be back … hasta la vista baby!”

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