Electronic device allows woman to perform with junior Denver Broncos cheerleaders

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A 20-year-old Westminster woman is living her dream of cheering for the Denver Broncos despite incredibly tough odds.

Tiffany Trujillo was born at just 26 weeks old and weighed less than two pounds. She’s legally blind and has had cerebral palsy her entire life. Her legs are extremely weak due to cerebral palsy and even walking causes her severe pain.

“I used to have a lot of hip pain and in my legs and feet,” she said.

For a long time, the best solution was clunky leg braces. But then came the WalkAide. The tiny electronic devices instantly help straighten out Tiffany’s legs.

“We’re aiding a patient’s walking ability, and it’s doing it on their own muscles,” said orthotist Donald Brandt. “We call it the brain in a box, just because it basically does that.”

Tiffany’s life was changed the minute she put the WalkAides on.

“She ran down the hall and ran back which she has never been able to do and we just started crying,” said Vonetta Trujillo, Tiffany’s mother.

Tiffany has been a ballet dancer for about 15 years and the WalkAides are opening new doors for her every day.

“I can finally go up and down stairs, I couldn’t go up and down the stairs barely at all before I got the WalkAides,” Tiffany said.

“She went skiing last Thursday for the first time and her legs were straight,” said Vonetta. “Those little things that we take for granted, to her it’s like a whole new world.”

Tiffany is an enthusiastic junior Denver Broncos cheerleader and the WalkAides will only improve her moves. Donald Brandt and the Hanger Clinic have become like family, and Tiffany and her mother are more than just thankful.

“Now she walks with her head up and she’s so proud and she wants everyone to know,” said Vonetta.

“I can’t imagine my life without them because they’ve changed my life so much,” said Tiffany.

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