Thieves caught on camera on shopping spree with stolen credit cards

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. -- Every time Lauren Rodgers looks at the surveillance pictures of the suspects she feels furious.  She says, "I feel so violated."

She almost always keeps the garage door closed at her Jefferson County home.  But Sunday night she accidentally left it open and the thieves struck.

She says they walked in and opened the unlocked door of her car and stole her purse, complete with credit cards and her ID.  

They started a 17-hour long shopping spree at a nearby King Soopers and ended at a local Target. In between, they hit 20 stores and ran up more than $4,000 in credit card charges.

Jefferson County Sheriff''s investigators say the thieves used the stolen credit cards to purchase gift cards. They used the gift cards to buy various items and then return the items for cash.

Spokesman Mark Techmeyer says, "It's a very common problem."

He says 70 percent of home burglaries in Jefferson County are through open garage doors. He says it's a crime of opportunity that is easily prevented by keeping your garage door closed.

The suspects in this case were captured on security cameras at several stores. Their getaway vehicle, a white SUV was also taped. But they're still on the run.

Investigators ask anyone with information to please call police.