Newtown shooting hits close to home for Colo. Springs church

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- The shooting in Newtown, Connecticut hit close to home for many at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs.

It was just five years ago that a gunman went on a shooting spree at the church killing two young girls in the parking lot before taking his own life.

"It just brought back the feeling that wow, you know, we were in church and they were at a school. It's the feeling of, you think you're safe and then you aren't really," said Melody Schexnayder, who has attended New Life Church for over 10 years.

Pastor Boyd believes one way to make people feel safe again is to stop unnecessary violence. He told church-goers they can start at home by monitoring the video games their children play.

"Those games where you are pointing guns at people and shooting and blowing their heads up, that's not the way of Jesus," Pastor Boyd said.

Boyd said games like this take away people's sensitivity to life.

"I'm telling you, you might as well allow them to have porn if you're going to allow them to have violence," he said.

Boyd said this is only the first step to what needs to be done.

He said it's a long process, but he has faith that the violence can stop, and those who are suffering will heal.

"It feels really dark right now in Newtown, but hope will come back. The light of day, the sun will come back, they'll smile again they'll laugh again," Boyd said.

Pastor Boyd said in the next few days, he's hoping to get state and national leaders together to discuss what can be done to stop the violence on a much larger scale.