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Pets abandoned after hurricane Sandy searching for Colorado homes

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DENVER -- Animals abandoned after hurricane Sandy swept through the east coast arrived in Colorado Monday hoping to find new homes.

The Best Friends Animal Society, through their No More Homeless Pets Network, arranged for 24 dogs and cats to go to several Colorado groups including CLAWS in Grand Junction, Wild Blue Animal Rescue in Colorado Springs and Colorado Animal Rescue in Glenwood Springs.

Leslie Rockey is the Director of the Glenwood Springs group. She was there when the animals arrived in the Denver area and told FOX31 Denver, “You know they look great. It’s exciting. These guys have been traveling I think for three days to get here. And then before that with the hurricane and then being displaced, who knows what they’ve been through. So this is the least we can do. Bring them to Colorado, introduce them to some snow, and hopefully find them some great homes.”

The pets traveled in a heated trailer driven cross-country by Kyle Peterson with Pets LLC Transport.

“These are animals that probably would have been euthanized so at least they are going to have a chance to go to homes,” Peterson said. 

He said the pets were either lost during the storm and haven’t been claimed or, “A lot of them were turned in by their families who lost their homes and they have to do something with their animals.”

Fourteen cats were also traveling with the group of Colorado bound pets. They were supposed to go to a Montana rescue, but that group was snowed in and couldn’t make it to the drop off spot.

Rescue Volunteer Sunny Weber decided to let the felines stay at her home in Greenwood Village until the Montana group can come claim them.

"It does sound a little crazy and it might be a little crazy but they’re not here forever," Weber said. "I have my own animals. I am just simply boarding them until they can go on to the next stages of their lives. There’s nothing like that warm fuzzy feeling of doing something good for a warm fuzzy cat."

The animals will be given medical and behavioral tests and then be placed for adoption.

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