4 sickened after dog vomits toxic chemical

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(Photo Courtesy: Vail Daily)

(Photo Courtesy: Vail Daily)

EDWARDS, Colo. – Four people became ill after a dog vomited a toxic chemical at a veterinary clinic on Friday.

The Vail Daily reported that the dog was brought to the Vail Valley Animal Hospital in Edwards after ingesting the chemical.

When the dog vomited the chemical, a gas was released that caused respiratory distress in the people surrounding the gas, according to authorities from the Eagle River Fire Protection District.

According to the paper, three people were taken to the Vail Valley Medical Center for treatment and another was hospitalized.

Gail McFarland with the Eagle River Fire Protection District told the paper that the chemical was likely zinc phosphate, a pesticide that is used to kill rodents.

Officials are not sure where the dog ingested the toxic substance.

The dog later died after the incident.

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