Detox to help you lose weight

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DENVER -- If you're picking up extra weight lately or feel a little depressed, the problem could be imbalanced hormone levels caused by what's on your plate.

New studies show toxins we're exposed to can tip your hormones in the wrong direction.  

Dr. Lindy Vaughn of Accelerate Health says a buildup of toxins can clog your liver causing a range of problems.

"Your liver, which detoxifies you, has to detox all of your hormones as well. All of the estrogen testosterone and progesterone can build up in your body," Vaughn said.

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism indicates that hormones are linked to our ability to maintain a proper weight. 

Doctors say eating healthy, organic foods and drinking plenty of water are great ways to detox on a regular basis. 

Foods on a typical detox diet list include gluten-free grains, vegetables (except corn), fruits, nuts, seeds, fish, meat, feta or goat cheese, olive, avocado, flax seed and canola oils, eggs, nondairy milk and soy products.

Check with your doctors before beginning any new nutrition plan.  For more information you can visit

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