Colorado lawmaker wants daylight saving time to last all year

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Greg Brophy (Photo:

Greg Brophy (Photo:

Greg Brophy (Photo:

Greg Brophy (Photo:

WRAY, Colo. — Are you tired of setting your clocks ahead in March and back in November every year? Do you grow weary of the early sunsets when daylight saving time ends?

Greg Brophy wants to change all of that.

The Republican state senator from Wray said he and his constituents want daylight saving time to last year-round in Colorado, and he’s prepared to bring the issue up for debate during the state legislative session in January. 

“Wouldn’t it be nice if sunset was 5:30 instead of 4:30? @DavidBrophy02 and I would still be playing football. Intro bill for year-round DST,” Brophy tweeted. David Brophy is the lawmaker’s son.

If approved, the measure wouldn’t be added to the ballot until 2014, which means this change couldn’t go into effect until 2015.

Arizona has a similar system, but one that is a bit contrary to the system Brophy is proposing. The Grand Canyon State doesn’t observe daylight savings time at all.

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