Broncos fans show their spirit at Sunday’s game against the Bucs

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DENVER -- Fans couldn't be more thrilled about the Broncos win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday.

Many were anticipating a win and brought along their lucky charms, whether it was an outfit made entirely out of pom-poms, or a Christmas tree.

"They're about 25 pounds each. It took about 500 pom-poms for each outfit," said Kerry Green, a Broncos fan who was dressed from head to toe in orange pom-poms.

Here's how the game went down according to nine-year old Chris: "We made one interception and lots of touch downs and lots of field goals."

And for many fans, this great season boils down to a name: Peyton Manning.

"Peyton Manning is unstoppable!" said Clark Bradly, a Broncos fan.

Many fans believe the Broncos are on a roll, and they can't wait to watch the next Broncos victory.

"They're awesome...they are going to go to the Super Bowl. All the way baby!  Woo!" said Gloria Thomas, a die-hard Broncos fan.