Stroller Stride groups told to get permit to exercise in city parks

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DENVER--The Stroller Stride workout groups are meant to help moms stay in shape before and after they have children, however some complaints have put the program's use of city parks in jeopardy.

"We were given orders to get out of city parks because we charge a fee for our exercise programs," said Sarah Johnson, leader of the Highlands Stroller Stride unit.

"We just offer women and their kids a chance to be outside and to get in or stay in shape,” Johnson said.

Since they already pay property taxes to maintain city parks, most of the mothers simply want to know why they should have to pay a second time to use the parks for their group workouts.

"We told them to get a permit, but we didn't have a permit for what the Stroller Striders are doing," said Denver Parks and Recreation’s Jeff Green.

The city promises to have something in place by next summer. For now, the warm weather will allow the moms to continue working out in the parks, but it will cost them.

"We will come up with a set up that is fair to the women who are simply providing a service while helping moms stay in shape,” Green said.

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