Season starts off dry for Colorado ski resorts

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FRISCO, Colo. -- All the way west, on Interstate 70, you can see the signs of fall but not the signs of winter. There is very little if any snow on the big peaks in the Rockies.

"We need snow," said Rivers manager, Megan Sullivan. "Having no snow trickles down to the streams, rivers and lakes up here."

Ski rental shops are in need of customers but those with bikes are still renting them instead of boards and boots.

On the streets of Frisco, plenty of sunshine and people, but no snow.

Colorado Ski Country reps 21 ski centers, 11 of which are open, the others missed Thanksgiving and are hoping to have snow heading into the holidays.

"There are some runs open and people will be able to both ski and enjoy the sun," said Jennifer Rudolph. "We know the season will pick up as we head into the big snow months, we are all doing our 'snow dance' for now."

If you head up, there are some resorts open... many are saying the man-made snow is decent, but in some places they also are saying, it's like sking on the 'white highway of death' coming down many of the runs around the state.