Man’s hand missing in lost luggage

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SUPERIOR, Colo. -- Drew Randall is on his way to his seasonal job at Yellowstone National Park, but his stop-over in Denver has been nothing short of a major hassle.

“When I came off my plane from Boston Sunday evening one of my two bags failed to come off the baggage carousel,” said Randall. “Inside were my winter clothes, which I can replace, my new license plates and registration, which I can also replace. What is going to cause me the biggest worry is my nearly $10,000 prosthetic hand which is specially made for me.”

United airlines has been working with Randall to find out where his bag is.

Randall said it is clearly marked with the letters D R E W on the right on the outside of the L.L. Bean rolling duffle bag.

The missing bag may have been stolen or simply misplaced but to date the airline has not been able to find the bag from Logan International Airport.

Randall said he just wants his arm back, no questions asked.

The Denver Prosthetic & Orthotic clinic is working with Drew to try to find a donor arm unit, but admit most are custom fitted and might not work for the an heading to Yellowstone.