Standoff with burglary suspect at Denver hotel ends peacefully

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DENVER -- A burglary suspect barricaded himself inside a hotel in Denver’s Highlands neighborhood Tuesday night.

A witness told FOX31 Denver the man took a hostage, but Denver police said they had no interaction without anyone inside the room before the standoff ended around 11:15 p.m. Police used CS gas to force the suspect out of the room, tased him, then arrested them.

Police spokesman Det. John White said the man is wanted in connection with a robbery in Englewood. He barricaded himself inside the Budget Host Inn at West 27th Avenue and Wyandot Street at approximately 6:30 p.m., White said.

Omar Dwaik (Photo: Englewood Police)

Omar Dwaik (Photo: Englewood Police)

“I heard a lot of screaming,” said James Gerathy, who was staying in a hotel room next to the suspect. “I opened the door and cops were there with guns drawn.”

Police identified the suspect as Omar Dwaik on Wednesday, and said he initially robbed an Englewood apartment residence at 300 West Grand Avenue with a gun. The victim in the residence said Dwaik fired his weapon in the apartment and held him hostage for an hour and a half before fleeing in a taxi.

That taxi took Dwaik to the Highlands hotel, police said.

Dwaik was seen smashing several windows to his hotel room, which faces a parking lot and is on the second floor. At one point the man flashed a gun at police.

“That’s why I think he was on something, because when he hit the window this his fist, he didn’t respond,” Gerathy said.

Dwaik was seen yelling at police with a bloody fist.

Dwaik's girlfriend was also on scene. Police took her up near the suspect so she could try and plead with him to stand down.

Denver police tweeted Tuesday night, urging the public to stay clear of the area. Some guests in the hotel decided to evacuate, but police said guests were safe to stay inside their rooms.

Police closed traffic along Speer and Zuni, but those closures were lifted late Tuesday night.

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