Community holds vigil for missing Arvada man Aaron Martin

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ARVADA, Colo. -- An Arvada community coming together Sunday night to pray for a father of four whose been missing for nearly a month.

Dozens turned out at Homestead Park for a candlelight vigil for Aaron Martin.

His family said Martin has been missing for 28 days.

"I just don't see how you can vanish like that. But he did," Aaron's dad, Tony Martin, said.

Aaron Martin’s disappearance is a mystery.

"One day I think he did just walk away. He needs space and time. And other days, I wake up in the middle of the night thinking something bad happened. So I don't know," says his aunt Janette Brabbs.

Aaron Martin was last seen at the Ralston Lounge at 6420 Ward Rd. October 29.
He left his wallet and his ID in his unlocked car, and took his cell phone with him.

"His cell phone or bank account has not been used," says Brabbs.

"They're going through a divorce. He's struggling. He lost his job," said his mom, Tracie Martin.

Aaron Martin worked as a pipefitter and lost his job about six weeks ago because of a lack of available work.

Tracie worries maybe he hurt himself.

"He was really depressed. That's why it bothers me that he up and disappeared. I just don't know what to think," she said.

"I don't see him doing that. If he did, why can't we find him? If he harmed himself, you'd think we would have already found him," said his dad.

Tony Martin said Aaron wouldn't leave behind his four beautiful children, ages 2 to 12.

"If he's okay, if he's not okay, we'll deal with that. Let somebody find him, even if he's not okay," said his mom. She says not knowing makes it worse.

So they stand together, light shining through the dark, hoping police can illuminate some answers on a desperate time within a family after a loved one simply vanishes.

Brabbs said the most difficult part of the whole ordeal is "watching our family go through this, and not knowing where he is at and if he needs us."

The family said they'd heard Aaron Martin got into an argument with someone at the Ralson Lounge, but they haven't been able to confirm that with police.

A police spokesperson said their investigation is still active. They say they can't rule out foul play yet or if Aaron Martin might have hurt himself.