Puppy stolen from Denver man’s car

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'Diesel' was stolen from a car Sunday (Photo: Tyrel Desmarais).

DENVER — A puppy was stolen from a Denver woman’s car Sunday evening and now they are asking for the public’s help in finding it.

Tyrel Desmarais told FOX31 Denver the four-month-old puppy ‘Diesel’ was taken while she was visiting a bar on West Mississippi Avenue.

“He’s a playful little guy. He loves just to get up and go outside on walks,” Desmarais said.

For Desmarais and Sarah Gilliland, Diesel is family.

“He’s just rowdy and happy and gets along with cats. He’s my baby,” Gilliland said.

Desmarais said Diesel likes riding in the car and they took him along Sunday when they drove to Romes — a neighborhood bar. They left Diesel in the car knowing it would be a quick stop.

About 15 minutes later, a friend noticed the puppy was missing. Desmarais said there is no way the Boxer got out of the car himself.

“I’m very worried,” Gilliland said. “It’s hard to think what happened to him and what’s going to happen to him.”

Police have been notified about the theft. Desmarais said they have put up flyers and posted on Facebook and Craigslist about Diesel.

They hope someone recognizes the puppy and calls them or police soon.