Shoppers brave Black Friday crowds, snap up special deals

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DENVER -- Shoppers crowded malls and stores on Black Friday. Many shoppers say they just couldn't resist the deals. All of these deals added up to a holiday frenzy. 

Shoppers waited anxiously for stores to open. 

"We have been here since 4:00 this morning," said one shopper outside of Sears in Denver.

I've been here since six o'clock last night, said a man waiting outside a Target in Denver.

And while they came for different things, they all hoped to get a good deal.

"I am actually coming back at 8:00 because they have Barbies for $2," said Tracy Mendez, while shopping at Target.

And while some had a plan...

That desk top ... so that is what we are trying to get," said Robert Marquez, waiting outside Sears.

Others, like three-year-old Frankie Pena, took their time.

"I'm just looking."

After all building a bear can be tough. 

"I need to get that," said Pena .

And you never know who you are going to run into, Dan Daru found his neighbor at 5:00 in the morning at Bass Pro Shops buying $10 jeans.

Whether it was cheap goods or incentives to shop early, many stores encouraged shoppers to buy more.

"We have well over a thousand door busters that we are offering," said John Smith, General Manager of Sears. 

Despite all the holiday frenzy, many just couldn't resist the temptation of getting in the thick of it. Even if it meant making some tough decisions.

"Dad, I'm ‘gonna get this tomorrow," Pena said.