Police arrest man who fired gun at Aurora Target

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AURORA, Colo. --The suspect who fired one round into the ceiling at a Target store in Aurora Friday night has been arrested, according to police.

Officers arrested 33-year-old John Robert Pomeroy at his home Friday night after he was connected to the armed robbery at the Target store on Havana St. near Mississippi Ave. in Aurora.

Pomeroy has been charged with aggravated robbery involving a controlled substance, felony menacing, robbery, and attempted homicide, according to Sgt. Cassidee Carlson with the Aurora Police Department. He is being held on $50,000 bond.

The suspect was wearing a ski mask when he entered the Target store, and after he made his way to the pharmacy he pulled out a handgun, according to police.

The shooting was reported just before 6:30 p.m.

"Several witnesses are being interviewed at this time," Carlson said. "However, there were several customers in the store that were not even aware that the incident occurred."

Police cleared the store and did a complete search. There were no injuries reported.

Pomeroy was last seen running northbound from the store.

Officers contacted Pomeroy in the area, however there was not enough probable cause to arrest him at the time, according to Carlson. Police said a short time later, investigators learned more information to connect Pomeroy to the robbery, and he was contacted again at his nearby home and arrested.

Workers were allowed to go back inside the store about an hour after the shooting, but it remained closed to customers for the rest of Black Friday.

"I seen, like, people run ... just dashing outside, and somebody came outside and just started shaking me,'call 911, there's been a shooting.'" said employee Darcy Buchanan.

Police were not sure sure if anything was taken from the pharmacy.

"For someone to come in here and do this ... it didn't even seem like they were trying to steal anything," said employee Evan Douglas. "They just caused as much panic as they could."