Thanksgiving is about giving back for some on this holiday

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DENVER -- For many Thanksgiving is about more than just good food. It's about giving back. 

"I am volunteering with my dad to help feed the homeless on a day that I'm giving thanks to show that and help other people," said Rebekah Schuringa, a volunteer with the Samaritan House.

"We decided instead of us doing Thanksgiving we decided to come out and you know people who weren't able to get a Thanksgiving with their families," said Jenell Mejia, a volunteer with Calvary Temple Church

Volunteers of all ages came out to help and there was even a famous face in the crowd. 

"I'm able to give back as much as I can for what Colorado has given me," said Missy Franklin, an Olympic Gold Medalist.  

Franklin said she enjoys helping others. 

"You know just put a smile on people's faces since I think that is what Thanksgiving is all about and I think as a community Colorado really needs to be thankful for each other," said Franklin.

Volunteers not only served the food, but they also prepared it.  For 220 people, volunteers for Samaritan House prepared 100 pounds of turkey, 80 pounds of ham and three gallons of cranberry sauce.

Some served up holiday spirit with more than just turkey dinner. The Calvary Temple Church offered free haircuts, clothes and even shoes. 

You know, I cut hair already so I was like, ‘hey, we'll go get a set and come down and cut hair, volunteer,’” said Benjamin Aberle, a volunteer with Calvary Temple Church. 

That kind of community spirit helped provide others with something to be thankful for. 

Over 3,000 free meals were served in Denver alone.