Video: Gun range lets you shoot at real people

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ORLANDO, Fla. (CNN/WKMG) — Revolvers. Glocks. Rifles. Assault weapons. Got one? You can bring it to an Orlando range and fire – at someone.

And that someone will fire back at you.

Before you set foot in Combat City, you meet with owner Dave Chapin, who will check you for all weapons and ammunition and make you check all of that at the door. Then he puts a restrictor in the barrel of your gun to make sure a live round won’t fire.

Your gun might no longer be capable of killing, but using the less-lethal ammunition that you’re provided by Combat City, your gun still functions the same way it would when using a lethal round.

“A revolver always works the same,” Chapin said. “With a semi-automatic or an assault rifle, the action actually cycles, and there’s full recoil with the weapon.”

Protective gears hides your head, neck and private parts, but make no mistake: If you get shot, it will hurt. Chapin said that’s by design

“There is supposed to be a degree of pain with it, so that you can learn from it,” Chapin said. “Someone’s trying to hurt you, so this teaches you to be as tactical as a civilian can be.”

The folks at Combat City say their facility is meant to test your nerve. Do you have it in you to shoot another person if your life depended on it?

Firing at a paper target, they say, only teaches you to shoot straight in perfect conditions. But Tiffany Chapin, an instructor at the facility, said nothing will prepare for a real self-defense scenario better than Combat City.

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