National Western Stock Show will stay in Denver

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DENVER — Denver’s mayor and leaders of the National Western Stock Show announced Tuesday that the annual event and its complex will remain in Denver, where the event began 106 years ago.

The 107th running of the Stock Show is scheduled to run from Jan. 12 to 27 in Denver.

The Stock Show leadership had said they needed to either upgrade the current facility or move elsewhere. Mayor Michael Hancock pledged the city’s initial support Tuesday, though he did not release any specifics about whether or not the facility could be expanded.

Doing so would likely cause the destruction of Denver homes that are as historic as the Stock Show.

Instead, Hancock’s address was vague, with the mayor saying that the city would put together a feasibility committee to determine the best ways to finance and plan upgrades to the annual event, its facility and the Denver Coliseum.

“The stock show is committed to Denver and we are unequivocally committed to them,” Hancock said. “It’s important that we get over the question, ‘Is the stock show leaving Denver?’ We no longer have to ask that question. The Stock Show is not leaving.”

Stock Show President and CEO Paul Andrews has said it would take about $14 million to upgrade group’s current facility, which is north of downtown next to Interstate 70.  The aging buildings cost more to repair year after year, reported the Denver Business Journal.