Mile High Mascots: Ace the Air Force Falcon

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Wednesday: Ralphie, the Colorado Buffalo

The first class at the Air Force Academy in 1959 thought it was a perfect fit: The way the falcon hunts is how theses pilots want to fly.

That’s why Air Force calls themselves the Falcons.

“The falcon is the one bird of prey that attacks its prey out of the sky,” Air Force senior Paul McArthur said. “Falcons are quick and nimble and that`s what we want our fighters to be when we`re going to war or doing any type of fighting in an aircraft.”

Air Force’s real, live mascot, however, rarely hunts. Instead, Ace the Falcon gets spoon-fed Japanese rock quail.

It’s a good, lean diet for the falcon, who eats about three ounces per meal in order to maintain his optimal flying weight.

To get him ready for a game day, Ace and his trainers Akil Romany and Paul workout together. The two utilize a spinning lure to get Ace from his perch to the field.

“When he’s out of breath, it’s great,” Paul said. “It means he got a little cardio.”

After that particular workout, Ace was well-prepared for all the pomp and circumstance of a rivalry game against Navy.

So how’d he do? Watch the video above to find out.