Exclusive: Officer remembered as man with huge positive impact on people’s lives

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Lakewood police officer, Agent Jim Davies is being remember by his colleagues from around the state. They say he had a major impact on the community.

Davies was shot and killed by a fellow Lakewood officer as they were responding to a call of shots fired early Friday morning.

Now, his friends and colleagues are sharing their thoughts, painting a picture of a funny guy, who was passionate about his work and compassionate to those he worked with.

Rick Evans is a community parole officer. He had worked with Davies for the past three years. Evans said, “As a young law enforcement officer, I really looked up to him. He really showed me in myself and my own personal life, he showed me how to be a better husband and father and how to be a better cop.”

Evans went on to say Davies loved being a cop. Evans said, “What made him such a great man. Was the fact that he didn’t let the badge change who he was. He loved his wife and his kids very much. That’s why he worked hard as a police officer. For them. I remember asking him one time why he worked so much over time. He said he wanted to make sure his kids would never ever have to go without anything in the life.”

Evans got to know Davies personally and said he was always a lot of fun to be around.

“We would razz him and he’d just take it.. he liked to play practical jokes as well.. and he was just a fun guy. He loved life. He loved being a cop.” Evans said even now in a time of grief, Davies makes him smile. “Davies would get there and just find some way to cheer you up.. it didn’t matter what you were doing. Even the way he walked. He was just a funny guy.”

But Evans said when it came time for business, no one was more professional than Davies. “He could be a really funny guy, but when it was time for business, if he was after you, if you were a felon and he was coming to find you, you weren’t getting away. He was going to find you.”

The one thing Davies was most passionate about on the job was making sure sex offenders were where they were supposed to be.

Evans said, “That was his passion in law enforcement, to make sure these sex offenders would never victimize anyone ever again in the city of Lakewood.”

In fact, the morning Davies was killed, he was supposed to take part in the US Marshals’ Operation Shepherd 2012.

Roberto Rodriguez with the US Marshals said Davies was the point of contact for Lakewood and a valuable resource.

Rodriguez said, “He was instrumental in being the point of contact for Lakewood. He was helpful with so many agencies getting information to go after targets. He was very dedicated . He was always early at all the meetings, the last one to leave out. Anytime we needed any help he was always there for us.”

And now, the law enforcement community is trying to be there for Davies and his family.

Evans said, “There’s no doubt about it, the world is missing the best man I have ever known. You can’t fill the shoes of a James Davies. You just can’t do it. A guy I work with said it best. his heart was bigger than he was. That is definitely true. His heart was definitely bigger than he could ever be. Looking at the badge, it would shine brighter with a guy like that on your department. I know Davies would want us to move on. We’re going to get into the patrol car tomorrow morning and the day after that and we’re going to honor him by doing the job that he loved to do in the way he loved to do it.”

Funeral services will be Thursday at 10 a.m. at the First Church of the Nazarene on East Hampden Avenue in Cherry Hills Village.

Community members are invited to line the procession route after the service, starting at 11:30 a.m.

The procession following the funeral will leave the church and proceed westbound on Hampden Ave. to Wadsworth Blvd., then northbound to Alameda Ave., then westbound to Kipling St., then northbound to W. 6th Ave., then westbound to Indiana St. and finally southbound on Indiana St. into the Jefferson County Fairgrounds.

Contributions to the family of agent Davies may be sent to the Foothills Credit Union. Their phone number is 720-962-8200. https://www.foothills-cu.com/davies-memorial-fund/