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Heavily-armed police swarm Denver building, arrest man

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DENVER — Heavily armed Denver police officers swarmed the Petroleum Building in downtown Denver Monday morning and arrested a man after an hours-long standoff.

Police surrounded the Petroleum Building at 110 16th Street around 9 a.m.

Officers eventually found the man they were looking for when he tried to slip out of the building, said Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson.

The man has not been named. Jackson said he was not armed.

A dozen police cars swarmed the 14-story building as many people were coming in for work. Police blocked the Free Mall Ride shuttle and Cleveland Place. A SWAT team was also called to the scene.

Initially police thought the man was Robert Jackson, 28, who is wanted in Centennial on a robbery and escape charge.  Aurora police contacted Denver police to say Robert Jackson would be taking a RTD bus downtown. At the time, Robert Jackson was described as being armed and dangerous, said Sonny Jackson.

After the report was received, Denver officers made contact with a man they thought was Robert Jackson. The man ran from them into the Petroleum Building and hid, police said.

Police called in armed backup because of Robert Jackson’s background.

However, as police cleared the building they found the man trying to slip out with other evacuees, said Sonny Jackson.

Police have not identified this man or said why they think he ran from officers in the first place.

Police are still looking for Robert Jackson and plan to question the man in custody about his whereabouts. It’s not clear if Robert Jackson was even in the area.

Patrick Obando posted photos of police officers inside the building escorting workers out.