Problems at the polls in Littleton solved after snafu sent voters away

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LITTLETON, Colo. -- Problems at the polls began early Tuesday at the Columbine Library in Littleton where some voters were turned away and asked to vote at another location, leaving many upset with the lack of Election Day preparation.

Many voters who showed up at Columbine Library as soon as polls opened found that their names were not in the voting books. They were told to either take a 15 minute drive to another location or fill out a provisional ballot that would not be processed for a few weeks.

Eventually, the issue was resolved when all of the names were found at the back of the voting book.

Reporter Shaul Turner spoke with some understandably aggravated voters.

"I’ve voted here every year since 1984. I haven’t moved, and they don’t have my name, they don’t have my husband’s name, they didn’t have  the four people in front of me names, they didn’t have the two people behind me names...” said one voter.

Early problems bring about concerns with the voting process in Colorado, being that a handful of votes could determine the winner in our key swing state.

Again though, the problem with the books at Columbine Library have been fixed and voters who need to go to that polling location should not anticipate any further problems.