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Sergio: One Nation, Two Choices

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FOX31 Denver has complete election night coverage on the air and online featuring political perspectives and analysis from across the spectrum. On Monday, former GOP lawmaker Rob Witwer and former Colorado Democratic Party Chairwoman Pat Waak offered a preview of what to watch for tonight.

Here, KBNO’s Fernando Sergio offers his thoughts on the democratic process that plays out every four years.

DENVER — Every four years Americans across this great nation exercise the incredible privilege of electing a President. It is one of the cornerstones of our democracy, the greatest in the world, that sometimes creates an atmosphere of confusion with the barrage of political advertisements and talking points that voters are subjected to.

This Tuesday, November 6, we have the opportunity to re-elect Democratic President Barack Obama or elect his opponent, Republican Governor Mitt Romney. I believe both candidates have the best interests of this nation at heart, however their views reflect 2 competing visions that have anchored the political dialogue in the United States for the last 30 years.

What role should government play in society? What kind of tax policy should be implemented to benefit the middle class? What type of foreign policy is best suited for the sole remaining superpower? Both President Obama and Governor Romney have tried to answer these questions by championing two sets of philosophies seeking to define today’s democratic and republican parties.

President Obama believes that in times of crisis, such as the one we face, the role of government is pivotal to ensuring a stronger nation through the empowerment of the middle class. Governor Romney subscribes to the traditional conservative view that “big government” curtails freedom and creativity.

Both candidates cite successful examples of how these ideas have worked to benefit society. Mitt Romney often talks about the 1980’s and how President Reagan who championed lower taxes and less regulation, was able to oversee an impressive economic expansion. President Obama reminds voters of Bill Clinton who from 1992 to the year 2000 oversaw the creation of almost 23 million jobs.

Which formula is best suited to help us overcome this recession? Ultimately it will be up to voters and who they choose. The polls have shown that some Americans have lost confidence in President Obama and his stewardship of the economy. However Governor Romney’s lack of consistency on the campaign trail has hurt his efforts with voters.

Whether President Obama wins or Governor Romney pulls the upset victory, there are serious challenges that our nation continues to face. An ever growing debt that is eroding the value of the dollar, a shrinking middle class in need of help, an educational system that needs to be modernized, a fiscal cliff that threatens to freeze the economy , the urgent need for comprehensive immigration reform and the specter of a nuclear Iran that can provoke a massive conflict in the Middle East, are just some of the hurdles that must be met.

Americans, more than ever, are demanding solutions to our problems. They expect the next President to exercise the necessary leadership and seek compromise across the aisle. The partisan bickering cannot go on; after all we are all citizens of a great nation and in order to invest in America’s future we must agree to work with each other and to be united in the midst of challenging times.

We are one nation with two choices, but once the choice is made we must work to get America going again.

Yes we can — but only if we stand united.

Fernando Sergio is News Director for KBNO Radio and the host of “La Voz del Pueblo.”