Jefferson, Arapahoe residents cast last-minute votes

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DENVER -- The voters from both Jefferson and Arapahoe counties combine to represent a huge block of unpredictable voters in this year’s election.

Both are important swing counties, Jefferson on Denver’s southwest side and Arapahoe on the southeast. They are heavily-populated counties with an urban and rural mix, which have been the key to Colorado’s political outcome in recent elections.

Voter turnout from both counties was high Tuesday, with people making sure they made it to the polls to cast their last-minute votes before 7 p.m.  Some voters waited to vote in Arapahoe County for three hours.

"I love to get out and vote, and I'm going to stay out all day if it takes all day,” said Arapahoe voter Joshua Haymore.

Some voters in Jefferson County waited just as long.

“Compared to four years ago, it was ten minutes, and this year it was about an hour and a half, almost two,” said voter Valerie Clark.

Both counties were also under close watch today by political strategists from both sides of the spectrum.

“They are the big counties that swing back and forth, and they determine statewide wins,” said republican strategist Dick Wadhams.

Votes from Colorado women were also being analyzed by democratic strategists like Mike Melanson.

“We find that we can actually pull away a large percentage of Republican women, particularly in those suburban areas,” said Melanson.

The stakes are high for both sides, with republicans and democrats counting on last-minute voters to turn the tide in their direction for this election.

One thing is for certain, voters across the nation are happy they voted, but are glad that the election is almost over.

“You have no idea how glad I am that it's's been ugly,” said voter Leah Bogdanovich  .