Aurora theater shooting victim returns to work at Denver Rescue Mission

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Pierce O'Farrill was shot several times during the Aurora theater shooting in July.

Monday, following months of rehabilitation, he is back at work in his position at the Rescue Mission offices in Denver.

"I just lost my wire braces that were holding my arm in a stable position a week or so ago," said O'Farrill. "I have just been putting my faith in Jesus and it is paying off."

Pierce was shot in the left arm, foot and chest ... hit by buckshot and rounds fired from an automatic weapon and Glock 9mm pistol.

He thought he was dying when SWAT team members pulled him out of the massacre inside Theatre 9 at the Aurora Towne Center movie house.

He went so far as to pull his cell phone out to call his brother and dad to, in effect, say goodbye to his family.

Shortly thereafter, he was assessed by other officers and told he would be fine. Fortunately, that led to another call to say, "false alarm."

At his job, fellow coworkers, who chipped in sick days so Pierce could get a pay check each week, gave him a welcome back celebration.

They decorated his his office with streamers and put a stack of paperwork in his "in from surgery box" as a bit of a joke.

"My foot is fine and the chest wounds from buckshot were not deep, so other than my arm being in a hard removable cast, I think I'll be ok soon," said Pierce.

O'Farrill takes in used car donations at the Mission and says he is glad to be back.

While he has a passion for climbing 14ers--having scaled 5 in July before the shooting--he plans to climb again next summer.

Pierce O'Farrill, a man heading back to the top of the world after being lucky enough to stay in this world.

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