Video: Annual giant pumpkin drop is smashing good time

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Americans like big things. Big country, big statues, big pumpkins. "The largest pumpkin grown in Colorado was 1,308 pounds," says Gary Grande, president of the Rocky Mountain Giant Vegetable Growers.

"It's just amazing. You can watch them grow, stand next to them and watch them grow.  Some say you can even hear the pumpkin growing inside."

It takes about five months to grow a giant pumpkin from a tiny seed to eventually a 1,200 pound Grande gourd. "We put on special chemicals every day to help them grow bigger and bigger." Grande didn't just fall off the turnip cart.

Giant pumpkin seeds sell for up to $1,600...each. "Growers all over the United States, Canada, Europe, they want these seeds because the seeds are the key to growing these giant pumpkins. The genetics are in the seeds. It's a pumpkin culture!"

So, just what does one do with a giant pumpkin that's just been de-seeded?  That's easy. They're brought to Jared's nursery in Littleton, hoisted up 200 feet in the air by a giant construction crane, and then dropped.  Now that's what we call pumpkin pie, Colorado style.