Family who suffered incredible tragedy now helping other families in need

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CASTLE ROCK, Colo. -- Even on the darkest of days, there is a ray of sunshine and a ray of hope at the Sunshine Seven Ranch in Castle Rock.

Curtis and Emily Graves are opening their ranch and sharing their story to help others in the community who are suffering from tragedies like they have.

The ranch is named for the seven family members Curtis and Emily have lost in tragic car crashes. Curtis lost his wife and three teenage children in a multi-car pile-up during a blizzard in Wyoming in 2006.

Emily lost her husband and two of her four daughters in a freak car crash in Idaho in 2008.

Emily said, “what I miss most is the memories we didn't get to have. My girls were still quite little. The pictures don`t ever change. I just miss them. I miss touching them and kissing them and seeing them and loving them and what could have been, what they would be doing now.”

A mutual friend introduced Emily and Curtis and they instantly fell in love.

They both decided to stay strong and move forward. And they both say the support they received from the community helped tremendously.

“We lived in a small town, the outskirt communities and the community I was in just absolutely poured out," Emily says. "They reached out to us and that’s really what made a difference for us. When you’re suffering something like this, there are just no words to describe what you’re going through. However to have that community support and those people there with you show their love. People serving when they didn’t have time, giving when they didn’t have extra to give. It was just incredible support to have and it helps take some of the pain and soften the blow just a little bit.”

That’s why the two of them have decided to give back and pay it forward.

They came up with the idea to have a bi-annual Barn Boutique. Money raised from this first event will be donated to a Castle Rock family whose house was destroyed by fire on October 9th.

Entrance to the event is free. They have more than 30 vendors offering a unique shopping experience. And they have a number of items up for raffle, including a football signed by the Denver Broncos.

Emily said, “The family is in need of food and clothing, all of that destroyed. We are collecting gently used items, nonperishable just to replenish cabinets and closets so they can move forward a little bit.”

Emily & Curtis plan to help a different family in need with each subsequent Barn Boutique.

“I do feel like things happen for a reason. I believe people come into your life for a reason. It is just one of those things have fallen into place that motivates us to keep moving forward, keep paying it forward. Doing what we can one little family at a time,” Emily says.

The Barn Boutique is Friday and Saturday, November 2 and 3. Their ranch is located at 3333 Lake Gulch Road in Castle Rock.

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