Doctor designs restaurant menu that’s ‘delicious and good for you’

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Food experts are calling it one of the biggest trends for the next year. People want natural foods, with a focus on pure and healthy.

A new restaurant in Denver is offering just that. You won’t find heavy steaks or greasy potatoes, just “true food.”

“The concept is food that’s delicious that happens to be good for you,” said Dr. Andrew Weil.

The menu at True Food Kitchen is designed by Weil, a Harvard educated physician who believes in the principles of the anti-inflammatory diet.

“There’s a great deal of evidence that chronic, low level, imperceptible inflammation is the root cause of all of the chronic diseases that kill and disable people prematurely. That includes heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease,” Weil said.

The menu at True Food is designed with that concept in mind.

“Our menu changes four or five times a year,” said brand chef, Michael Stebner. “Our food is based on the fact that what’s in season right now is at the best quality and the freshest.”

“It’s the right kinds of fats, the right kinds of carbohydrates, all of the protected elements in fruits and vegetables. But first and foremost, it’s delicious food,” Weil said.

This isn’t your typical health food. You’ll still find familiar foods like dumplings, pizza, and more.

“There’s a fantastic bison burger that some people say is the best burger they’ve ever eaten,” said Weil.

Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, or just plain curious, Weil believes True Food is food for anyone.

This is only the sixth True Food Kitchen in the nation; the other locations are in California and Arizona. You’ll find it at 2nd Ave. and Detroit St. in Cherry Creek North.