Broncos ready to make a statement on the road in Cincinnati

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The state of the Broncos as they get ready to go to Cincinnati… in their own words.


“We’re kind of on a week-to-week basis. It’s a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately league. Our guys have seen plenty of tape. As I’ve mentioned many, many times, we don’t look at records, we look at tape and they’ve got excellent players. They’ve got people that are very capable as far as pass rushing. Their system of defense does bring pressure so they have multiple guys they can bring to add to those four so it’s all concerning.”

“I think anytime you go on the road, that’s critical. You’re going against their whole stadium. I think our guys understand that. We had a little bit of a rocky start earlier in the year. We felt what it’s like to win a game on the road now so hopefully we can feed off of that and understand you’re against a lot of things when you go on the road. It’s a good football team. They’ve had a bye week to get rested and relaxed and reflect and get better and work on things that maybe they struggled with in the first part of the season. We expect tough competition.”

“He [Tracy Porter] hasn’t played in two weeks so obviously his health is the biggest concern and that seems to have been taken care of with medication. Now it’s just about getting back in to playing football at the highest level there is.”


“A.J. Green’s a special wide receiver. [QB Andy] Dalton’s a good, young quarterback. Studied him when he was coming out. Big, physical [offensive] line. They’ve got a lot of skilled people, a lot of receivers that can do things and their tight end (Jermaine Grisham) is a special player. Every week, there’s a new set of challenges. Guys are working hard now to really understand how they want to try and attack us and make sure we’re prepared to bring our A-game.”

“Potential, no question. And the way he started his career. Everything you heard with him coming out of Georgia was top notch. Top-notch young man working hard. Very, very talented. The sky’s the limit.”

“They did well. Like our mentality, if a guy’s down for whatever reason, the next man up and they’ve done a nice job responding and giving us a little bit of a boost. They’ve been active. [Carter] provides some of the sticky man [coverage] that we like and Chris is the ultimate competitor out there and they’ve done a nice job.”

“I think you recognize what each guy does, how they approach it. We’ve faced a gauntlet of really talented quarterbacks that are proven guys and we’re getting now a guy that’s a younger guy [Andy Dalton] but very talented and has a good cast around him. No, each week we’ve got to try and tailor our plan to what we think we can do well and what they like to do well. Try and take some of that away and do the best we can to slow them down and get the ball back for our offense. That’s the No. 1 key for us is to get the ball back for our offense, for [QB] Peyton Manning and our guys to go out there and do their thing.”

“I know he’s returned to practice, [Tracy Porter] which has been good and we’ll just take it from there. One day at a time. He’s a great young man. It’s good to have him back out here on the practice field and that’s the first thing. We’re happy with that. We’ll bring him along and he’ll be ready to help out when he can and when we can utilize him we will.”


“We’ve always played—since we go back to days in Carolina with [Head Coach] John Fox and myself and the rest of the staff being together—we’ve always played two guys (running backs) and we kind of just roll guys, who’s hot, if they get in a roll and just let them keep going and then when they’ve got to tap out because they’re getting tired, put the other guy in and just go with the flow of the game, really. We’re not saying he’s only playing this many snaps, this and that. Him and [RB] Willis [McGahee] and [RB] Lance [Ball] kind of go as the game goes along and let whoever’s playing get in there. There’s always going to be a few plays here and there that you want special guys in for certain plays but most things we do, they can all do.”

“He’s not the only one who’s put the ball on the ground this year. [Ronnie Hillman] There’s been a number of guys that have done that. That’s a big emphasis of ours, just saying, ‘Hey, we’ve got to protect the ball.’ That’s the most important thing. When it’s in your hands, protect the football and make sure we have another down. He’s a young player that’s gotten better every week and works extremely hard. He’s fortunate to watch Willis every day, the way Willis works out here. He’s got a good role model.”

“Willis is going to play. Being a running back, you’re going to get beat up a little bit as the year goes on and that’s why it’s always nice to have a couple backs to just keep staying in the flow of the game and if he needs a break here and there, you get a break. That’s all part of the game. You never want to get injured but it’s a physical game. There aren’t many times, when you’re a back, you’re not getting hit on every play. That’s part of it.”

“No. 1, they play in a very tough division. Every week, when they play in that division, is a street fight. We’ve got to go in there with the attitude that it’s going to be a smash mouth football game and then we’ve got to take care of what we’ve got to do.”

“They’ve got a lot of sacks. They do a lot of different things that create pressure on third down, the certain packages they have in. And then on first and second down, the very talented guys outside and they push the pocket inside. When you have good coverage, guys on the back end, they don’t let you get rid of the ball in time with good, tight coverage. Sooner or later, the pocket collapses.”


“I’ve been saying this guy’s in my Top 5 since he was in college. [A.J. Green] It’s no secret that he’s one of the best and he’s emerging to be the best. He is what he has been. I watched him a little bit last year, but I didn’t play in that game so this will be my first taste of what he’s really like.”

“I think that his biggest strength is ball skills. You see a lot of guys that see the ball go up and they don’t know how to go get it. He’s probably the best in the game at going to get it.”

 “Just watching him, I’ve seen a lot of great ones. Just how smooth he is and how good he runs his routes. With his size, that just creates even more of an advantage for him.”

“Story of my life for the past 14 years. I welcome these challenges, I love it. This is why I still play.”

“It’s funny to see a young quarterback like that [Andy Dalton] play that well. I can tell that he’s trying to do a lot of different things. He made a few more mistakes up this point this year than he did last year. But I just think he’s getting a feel for what he is. After a bye I’m sure he evaluated himself and he’s not going to make the mistakes he made before.”

“We’ve been growing together. I think people expect us, because of what we did last year, to just go out and execute right away but it takes time and you’ve got to build some chemistry, get used to a different voice in the huddle. Just a lot of different things that have to come together to be a great defense.”

“It’s great because I know he [Tracy Porter] has a chance to still go out there and be effective for us this year. That’s all I want for him, for him to be able to perform and not have to worry about everything.”