Superstorm strands Colorado high school students in NYC

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Sandy's wrath left some Colorado high school students stranded in New York City.

Two area high schools competed in an international mock trial competition that ended Sunday.

But while the competition is over, the Big Apple isn't done with them yet.

The monster storm shut down the flights for seven students and three chaperones from Rock Canyon High School in Highlands Ranch and nine students and two chaperones from Glenwood Springs High on the Western Slope.

They can talk a good game.

They even walked away with trophies.

But their words proved powerless against a superstorm of historic proportions. 

“We were supposed to come home yesterday (Monday) afternoon. Now, all the airports are closed. We hope to get out by early Thursday morning,” says Glenwood Springs student Andrew Schied during a group interview on Skype.

“We were walking through the streets and there were no cars and no people, which in New York is very eerie,” says Glenwood Springs student Grace Gamba.

The mother of a junior at Rock Canyon has been glued to the tube, watching and hoping her son, Nate, stays out of harm's way.

“We were worried. But they’re in safe hands,” says Patti Nelson of Castle Pines.

“They were in the center of it, but they didn’t need to evacuate. The hotel told them to just stay put, stay in the hotel. They were on the 6th floor. They were told stay up there, because there was some flooding in the lobby,” says Nelson.

Luckily, the students missed the brunt of the storm in Brooklyn at a Marriott hotel.

“Luckily, our hotel was a FEMA Center with generators and running water,” says one Glenwood Springs student.

But it certainly got scary.

“The lights were flickering in the hotel last night. And the power was going to go out. My concern was that we’d have students trapped in the elevator,” says Rock Canyon Mock Trial Coach Christopher Page, whose team also stayed at the same Marriott as the Glenwood Springs students.

“There was one store which the awning had collapsed. Part of the tiles came off the roof, some of it had collapsed in,” says Nate Nelson.

“We don’t have microwaves. We had to eat food cold. It’s very tragic,” joked one student from Glenwood Springs.

And while their worries about the weather are over--school is the next storm headed their way.

“The worst part of it all is we are missing school and the homework and we didn’t bring any of that,” says Abby Thumann from Rock Canyon.

“We’ve been forcing them to contact school and get homework emailed, if they can,” says a chaperone from Glenwood Springs. “And the teachers have not disappointed,” jokes one of the students.

Both groups will arrive in Denver on Thursday. Glenwood Springs at 9:04 a.m. and Rock Canyon at 5:40 p.m.