Polls: Colorado a true toss-up with a week to go

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DENVER — While both Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama may as well be living in Ohio, Colorado is actually a closer contest with a week to go.

The Real Clear Politics average of Colorado polls shows a tie — not a statistical tie, a real one, with both candidates polling dead even at 47.8 percent.

Ohio, by comparison, shows Obama with about a two-point edge over Romney.

The latest survey of Colorado voters released Tuesday shows Obama ahead of Romney 48-45 with likely voters; but it also shows Obama’s advantage with women voters down to just five points.

The poll, conducted by Grove Insight Sunday and Monday, was commissioned by Project New America, a research firm that mostly works for Democratic clients.

It comes a day after a survey from ARG that showed Romney with a 48-47 percent lead over Obama in Colorado.

With one week left in a tight race for the White House, close to one million Coloradans have already voted; so far, Republicans have about a three percent lead over Democrats in terms of overall ballots cast.

Even though Ohio and its 18 electoral votes are most likely to determine the election’s outcome, Colorado’s nine electoral voters are still up for grabs and could also be decisive, a big reason why both Obama and Romney, and several surrogates, plan to campaign in Colorado this week.