Explore Colorado: The Oxford Hotel

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Jennifer Broome takes us to this haunted hotel.

Downtown Denver has a history of hauntings and The Oxford Hotel is no exception.  It is Denver’s most historic hotel.  The Oxford Hotel was voted the #1 hotel in the West by Condé Nast Traveler’s 2012 Readers’ Choice.  In this historic boutique hotel, there is one room in particular that could give you a spooky stay, especially if you are a man sleeping alone in the room.


There have been numerous reports of a postman in an old-fashioned uniform sitting at the bar in the Cruise Room.  Other reports include an old cowboy dressed in his western garb, toilets flushing with no one there, and sinks and lights turning on and off with no one around.

Amy Allan is host of the Travel Channel’s The Dead Files.  She is a physical medium and an expert in poltergeist hauntings.  Amy is from Denver and worked as a massage therapist at The Oxford Hotel, including while filming the first season of The Dead Files.  She had numerous experiences with spirits at The Oxford.