Live blog: Westminster Police arrest 17-year-old in Jessica Ridgeway case

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Austin Reed Sigg (Photo: Westminster Police Department)

Austin Reed Sigg (Photo: Westminster Police Department)

WESTMINSTER, Colo. — Westminster police say they have made an arrest in the case involving the abduction and murder of 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway.

The suspect police now have in custody is 17-year-old Austin Reed Sigg.

Police said in a press release that they received a call on Tuesday night that led them to a home near Ketner Lake where they arrested Sigg. FOX31 confirmed first this week that police have uncovered a connection between the Ridgeway case and an attack that occurred earlier this year at Ketner Lake.

Charges will be filed against Sigg in the abduction and death of Ridgeway and the May 28 attempted abduction at Ketner Lake, according to the release.

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David Mitchell October 25, 20125:39 pm

Murder suspect’s father issues statement expressing sorrow for Jessica Ridgeway’s family and the devastation his family feels.

David Mitchell October 25, 201212:31 am

Senior investigative reporter Josh Bernstein learns suspect was treated for a pornography addiction.

David Mitchell October 24, 20128:29 pm

FOX31 has learned the suspect’s father is no stranger to police. He has a long criminal history. Investigative reporter Heidi Hemmat has the details in the story at this link:

David Mitchell October 24, 20125:21 pm

FOX31 Denver’s Heidi Hemmat reports police are searching the home of Austin Sigg’s father in Parker.

David Mitchell October 24, 20124:43 pm

FOX31’s Justin Joseph reports from sources that human remains have been found at the suspect’s home

David Mitchell October 24, 20124:37 pm

The latest on the arrest including Austin Sigg’s chilling confession to police on FOX31 Denver News at 5 p.m.

David Mitchell October 24, 20124:36 pm

Sources say police are still searching for a secondary crime scene

Will C. Holden October 24, 20122:59 pm

The Westminster PD has just reported that the area around Mindy Sigg’s home, 10622 W. 102nd Ave, will be closed to all but residents for the next couple of days.

Will C. Holden October 24, 20122:54 pm

Our Josh Bernstein is reporting that Austin Sigg was an intense gamer, who played under the moniker “Dohastvah” in Call of Duty 4.

Mark Meredith reports that several of Sigg’s classmates said he has a girlfriend.

Will C. Holden October 24, 20122:29 pm

Our Mark Meredith just spoke with several students at Standley Lake High School who say Sigg was enrolled in advance classes.

Our Heidi Hemmat has confirmed that Sigg’s parents were divorced and living in separate homes.

Will C. Holden October 24, 20121:57 pm

Police prepare to tow an SUV from the house of Mindy Sigg, the woman who reportedly turned her son Austin Sigg over to authorities.

Click here for nine more 10 photos from today’s investigation:

Will C. Holden October 24, 201212:57 pm

The full write-up about Sigg’s mother turning him in and his career aspirations can be found here:

Will C. Holden October 24, 201212:28 pm

Associated Press now reporting what we did earlier: Sigg’s mother, Mindy Sigg, is the one who turned her son in.

Will C. Holden October 24, 201212:20 pm

Sigg is reportedly a student at Arapahoe County Community College

Will C. Holden October 24, 201212:18 pm

Also according to our Justin Joseph, citing that same source, Sigg had expressed aspirations that he wanted to be a mortician.

Will C. Holden October 24, 201212:17 pm

Our Justin Joseph is citing a law enforcement source that says Sigg confessed to killing Ridgeway to his mother. That source says it was the mother who turned Sigg in.

Will C. Holden October 24, 201212:13 pm

From Scott Storey, District Attorney for Jefferson County:

“In 25 years of prosecution, I’ve never seen such great collaboration on a case.”

Will C. Holden October 24, 201212:11 pm

Lee Birk, Westminster Police Chief, confirms that Austin Reed Sigg is in custody. Thanking public for tips.

Will C. Holden October 24, 201212:10 pm

The press conference is live now. Watch it here:

We’ll provide text updates from that press conference here

Will C. Holden October 24, 201212:03 pm

Sigg is not on any juvenille offender or sex offender lists.

Will C. Holden October 24, 201211:49 am

Police confirm that the name of the suspect arrested, who will be charged with Jessica’s abduction and murder along with a May 28 abduction attempt near Ketner Lake is Austin Reed Sigg.

He is 17 years old.