Peyton Manning, the 14-year-old from Denver, talks about being Peyton Manning

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Just hearing the name Peyton manning can get fans pretty excited. The name is synonymous with greatness and one of the best quarterbacks in the league. But when number 18 came to Denver he probably didn’t know Colorado already had one Peyton Manning.

“Hi I’m Peyton Manning, the 14-year-old.”

He may not be the Peyton Manning you’re used to thinking of, but this Littleton teen’s name gets him a fair amount of attention.

“I don’t bring it up, but when it does get brought up it’s always a fun topic,” Manning said.

The 14-year-old Manning is a big fan of his namesake.

“I’ve got my Fathead of him from when he was in Indianapolis,” he said.

He has a wall dedicated to the star and the whole family gets in on the fun, but it’s not always easy being Peyton Manning, especially on Facebook.

“I’ve gone in under settings and tried to change it many times, I’ve tried Peyton Scott Manning, Peyton S. Manning, nothing Manning works,” he said.

Still, this mini Manning wouldn’t trade his name for the world. He’s not a football player, but a hockey star with dreams of going big.

“It would be really cool being a college athlete, Peyton Manning the second,” he said.

The elder Manning’s success and work ethic inspire this Peyton to work hard. And now that they’re both in Colorado, he already knows what he’d say if they ever cross paths.

“I’d shake his hand and say, ‘I’m Peyton Manning, I’m from Denver’,” he said.