PPP: Obama up 50-47 on Romney in Colorado

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DENVER — President Barack Obama leads Republican Mitt Romney 50 percent to 47 percent in the latest survey of 1,000 likely Colorado voters from Public Policy Polling, a firm considered to be more favorable to Democratic candidates.

That’s a two-point drop for Obama since the last PPP poll, taken prior to the president’s lackluster performance in the first presidential debate, held here on Oct. 3.

“The race is the closest it’s been all year and it’s trended in Mitt Romney’s direction over the last month,” said PPP’s Dean Debnam in the firm’s polling memo.

Romney’s favorabilty is up three points and Obama’s has dipped a point since the debate, but Obama’s continued advantage with independent voters is keeping him ahead, PPP concludes.

Obama outpaces Romney with independents, 51-42, although they account for just 27 percent of the likely voters surveyed; 38 percent of the poll’s sample were self-identified Democrats, while 35 percent were Republicans.

Romney leads by three points with men, while Obama continues to hold wider advantages with Hispanics.

When Gary Johnson is included in the poll, Obama leads Romney 49-44 percent, a sign that the libertarian candidate who made the ballot here in a few other states may take more votes away from Romney than Obama, although liberal talk show host David Sirota worries that the inverse may be true.

In a column for Salon, Sirota points to robocalls now urging Coloradans supporting Amendment 64, which seeks to legalize marijuana statewide, to support the libertarian candidate.