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Explore Colorado: Haunted Leadville

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Jennifer Broome takes us to Leadville to learn more about the wandering souls of the mining town.

Leadville is one of Colorado’s most famous mining towns.  In the 1880s it turned into a silver mining boomtown where fortunes were found and legends were made.  The Evergreen Cemetery provides a link to the past.  Author and historian Roger Pretti does cemetery tours.  He’s extremely knowledgeable on Leadville’s history, including the ghoststories of wandering souls.


Roger Pretti’s Cemetery Tours start on Friday and Saturday afternoons at the Delaware Hotel.  The likes of Doc Holliday, Butch Cassidy, and the unsinkable Molly Brown have stayed at the hotel.  With antiques lining the halls, this 1886 Victorian Inn almost seems more like a 3-story museum.  Many of the antiques are for sale.