Video: Youth football coach punches referee in face

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WEST PARK, Fla. (CNN/WSVN) — Police have arrested a football coach who, they said, assaulted a referee, after it was caught on video.

According to WSVN, It turns out 43-year-old Dion Robinson, the assistant coach caught on video punching that ref, is no stranger to the law, but his fellow coaches stand by his side, saying the referee was in the wrong.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office arrested Robinson late Monday afternoon and charged him with battery. The incident was caught on camera during a game between the West Park Saints and Miramar Patriots in Broward, on Saturday. The video was quickly uploaded to YouTube. Soon after, police went looking for Robinson.

Now, the Miami-Dade Extreme Youth Football League is considering kicking the West Park Saints out of the league in light of these new events. The referees ended the game after the altercation, but Robinson had fled the scene.

Referee Andrew Keigans told police the attack happened after he called an unsportsmanlike penalty against the Saints because an assistant coach, identified as 43-year-old Dion Robinson, made a derogatory comment from the sidelines.

Keigans posted this text: “I feel bad for the kids who had to see their coaches, role models, acting like that.”

Other coaches from the Saints said the referee started it by aggressively moving another player out of his way.

“He physically moved the 10-year-old out of his way,” said Head Coach Antonio Lane. “That’s what stemmed the situation.”

Tellas Robinson, an assistant coach, commented, “Emotions got the best of us, and that’s what it was. Fathers first. That’s what it is. We take care of our kids first.”

When told about Robinson’s criminal history, however, the coaches turned and walked away from cameras. Broward County Sheriff Al Lamberti said Robinson has a lengthy criminal history.

“Was a background check ever done on Robinson?” Lamberti asked. “He’s got aggravated assault, assault with a firearm and multiple arrests for distribution of cocaine, so that makes me concerned. Why is even around our kids?”

The league says it is up to each team to provide affidavits that they have checked the background of the coaches and that they’re clear. It has now launched an investigation into what happened on Saturday.