Live Blog: Presidential debate, Round 2

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Eric Sondermann October 16, 20128:55 pm

Instant analysis is always risky. So much will depend on what narrative the press chooses and drives in the coming days. As many noted, the Denver debate was not spinable. This one was much closer – and both sides will spin it to the max.

Were this a boxing match (which it clearly was not), my take is that Obama may have won a very narrow decision. So he righted the ship somewhat after the disastrous performance two weeks ago in Denver. The question is whether in righting the ship, he simply stabilized his downward slippage in the polls and somewhat locked the race in where it currently seems to be which is something or a dead-heat or a slight advantage to Romney – or whether the President succeeded in actually reverse the trends and restoring the race to where it was a few weeks back before the debate season.

David Mitchell October 16, 20128:26 pm

President Obama mentioned the Aurora theater shooting and the time he spent with a victim in the hospital as he began his answer on gun control. Mitt Romney said he’s not looking to enact new legislation related to gun control.

Eli Stokols October 16, 20128:21 pm

That was a pretty big moment as Romney and Obama got fired up on Libya. Should have been a slam-dunk for Romney, but Candy Crowley helping Obama fact-check Romney’s statement that Obama did not originally call the Benghazi attacks a “terrorist attack” flustered Romney and helped Obama win the exchange. Can’t wait to hear what people say about that afterwards. There was actually some light applause in the hall.

Here, by the way, is the transcript from the president’s statements, which did refer to the attack as one of terror:

Eric Sondermann October 16, 20127:45 pm

Certainly a far more even battle so far. Perhaps some small advantage to the President. Especially if the bar against which he is judged is his Denver performance two weeks ago. The question is whether something close to a draw reverses the momentum that Romney has experienced of late. Still 45 minutes to go.

David Mitchell October 16, 20127:41 pm

Participate in our web polls… questions up on gas prices and taxes.

Eli Stokols October 16, 20127:36 pm

A half hour in: Mitt has had a couple of bad moments, by my accounting: bossing Obama around about when he can respond to him and then squabbling with Candy Crowley and demanding the last word. He’s done better with his answer about taxes, although Obama is a lot more pointed tonight and, unlike two weeks ago, he seems a more enthusiastic participant. So far.

Eli Stokols October 16, 20127:13 pm

First question on college kids having a tough time getting jobs was right in Romney’s wheelhouse. Obama’s answer, first directed at the 20-year-old who asked it, offered a numbered list of priorities, then pivoted into some sparring with Romney over the auto bailout. Romney explained himself well and clearly came ready to do so. But Obama got the last word.

Eli Stokols October 16, 20126:51 pm

About ten minutes away from showtime in New York. Stay tuned to our blog and follow along on Twitter: @EliStokols @ericsondermann

Eli Stokols October 16, 20125:49 pm

If you’ve been working all day or haven’t paid attention to a number of breaking stories that will affect the debate, or analysis and commentary framing the high stakes for both candidates, here’s a link to a short “Reading List” to catch you up before game time:

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