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Neighbors give back to those affected by Castle Rock explosion

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CASTLE ROCK, Colo. -- Residents of the Sapphire Pointe neighborhood pitched in Sunday to help neighbors whose homes were damaged by the explosion on Friday.

One house was leveled, and three others were heavily damaged by the blast. A natural gas leak is believed to be the cause.

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"It could have happened to our house, it could have happened to our good friends' houses, so it's just something that we thought we would be able to do to help them out," said Beth Lazar. 

Lazar's amusement rental company contributed inflatables, trampolines and a climbing wall to an afternoon block party that the neighborhood put on free of charge. Residents gave everything from clothing, to toiletries and money.

The house Anthony Riley was renting at 6942 Sulphur Lane is now uninhabitable.

"It's just overwhelming how people invite you into their homes to do your laundry and to feed your kids. I've never been a part of anything like it. It's very touching,” said Riley.

"It just completely blows us away," said Jimmy Martinez, whose home was ground zero of the explosion.

"We have had so much support from the community, it's just been amazing. We have learned first-hand just how giving people are. It's been an amazing experience. We're so grateful,” said Martinez.

Residents of the four homes damaged by the explosion are looking for a new place to live. Martinez said he was asked what he needs.

"Look around your house," he answered. "Everything that you use, that's what we need."