Shooting kills woman in Broomfield, man in custody

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BROOMFIELD, Colo -- Gunshots and an explosion blasted through a Broomfield neighborhood Friday afternoon, forcing evacuations of homes and businesses, and forcing street closures.

Before it was all over, a woman was dead and a man taken was in custody, accused of killing her.

It happened at East of Sweden Auto Body at 155 Commerce St. off Hwy. 36.

“We got a 911 report of shots fired,” says Sgt. D.P. Walts with Broomfield Police.

They’re bullets that found their target: a 56-year-old woman.

Police then found their suspect: a 62 year-old-man.

“I don’t know if they worked together, if they had a relationship or not. None of that is known right now,” says Sgt. Walts.

Police also didn’t know if the threat was over.

The suspect claimed he had a bomb in his car.

“They evacuated us from Signature Offset. I’ve just been standing out here waiting,” says evacuee Tony Lopez.

So police moved workers and neighbors out—while the Adams County Bomb Squad moved in with its robot to check the suspect’s car.

“The police officer came to the door and said I should get out for three hours,” says evacuee Dorothy Elliott.

The robot shook items loose from one bag. Then, a bomb squad officer sifted through the pile of what appears to be clothes.


It shook another bag.

Eventually, the bomb squad blew up a suspicious object.

A loud boom echoed through the neighborhood.

For neighbors, a day of evacuations, violence and death took their toll.

“I’m really very sad this had to happen. We’ve had sad enough news today that we didn’t need to hear this too,” says neighbor Bobbi LaPlaca.