Neighbor thought an earthquake hit when house next door exploded

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CASTLE ROCK, Colo. -- Normally, 38-year-old Chongmas Kalyanamitra of Castle Rock wakes up to an alarm clock. Friday, she woke up to what felt like an earthquake, "It was a big boom.  And then everything started falling, and it was all pink inside the house.”

That "pink" was insulation from her neighbor’s house as it exploded.  The insulation floated down throughout the neighborhood like cotton candy.

Her neighbor’s house, located directly behind her home, exploded at approximately 7: in the morning from what Castle Rock fire officials are saying is most likely a natural gas leak.

Kalyanamitra's only thought was getting her daughter Kaila out of the house.  "I kicked into parent mode.  As you can see there is glass all over the floor and everything like that. So, I lifted her up and we ran out of the house barefoot."

Kalyanamitra is grateful her daughter Kaila wanted to sleep with her last night. "She asked last night, 'Mom, can I sleep with you tonight?'  I said fine, okay, because she doesn't have school today."

Kalyanamitra is now homeless as her home was condemned by the Castle Rock fire department.  She is still very grateful, "my most important thing is the neighbors made it out, all of them alive, and nothing happened to my daughter.

And her home?  She says it can be repaired or replaced, so it really doesn't matter.