Urgency apparent among law enforcement working Jessica Ridgway case

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WESTMINSTER, Colo. -- There was increased activity at the Westminster police Department Thursday night. Investigators and agents rushed to their cars, gathered gear and drove-off.

It was a waste collections worker in Arvada who discovered parts of a dismembered body late Wednesday afternoon. The discovery meant increased urgency Thursday.

The incomplete body made investigating difficult and investigators say it may be Friday before they have an official identification.

“From the helicopter you have footage of the body which would show the public that it's not intact. This is extending the length of time it's taking for the investigation to positively identify who that body is,” said Trevor Materasso with the Westminster police dept.

Law enforcement sources tell FOX31 Denver’s Justin Joseph that the body is that of a young female. Because of the condition of the body they can’t say for certain if a sexual assault occurred, but sources say Wednesday, state and federal probation officers were asked to interview their clients with deviant sexual backgrounds in connection with the Ridgeway abduction.