Jessica Ridgeway’s neighborhood on edge waiting for body ID

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WESTMINSTER,Colo.-- Thursday brought news that sent a whole new shockwave through Jessica Ridgeway’s neighborhood. Police announced the unidentified body found the day before was not whole and an ID would have to wait.

Hyrum Ipson lives near a spot where purple ribbons line the fence in the neighborhood. He says, “It's taken a lot out of this community, a lot. You don't want it to be someone else, but you don't want it to be the little girl either. You do want to be able to find out who did it and then have him prosecuted to the fullest extent."

Neighbors know things will never be quite the same no matter the outcome. Melissa Teel says, “It's been real tough on the people in the community and we feel really, really sorry and sad for the family. We all just feel like it's our kid that has gone missing."

Chelsea Park, near Jessica’s house has become a spot for people to leave gifts and thoughts for the young girl and her family. An eleven-year-old girl leaving a teddy bear at the park told us, “It makes my stomach hurt thinking that she's gone and she's not safe with her family." Her father says, “Thinking about a child disappearing is hard on everyone. It's not easy."


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