Doctor has heart attack at convention of ER doctors in Denver

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Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver

Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver

DENVER — If there is such a thing as a “good” place to have a heart attack, it would have to be at an emergency room doctors’ convention.

Just ask a doctor attending the American College of Emergency Physicians who met this week at the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver.

A trio of doctors saw one of their own passed out in a leather chair near the Blue Bear Cafe.

They went into quick action. They found a defibrillator, called 911 and managed to get his heart restarted before paramedics arrived.

“We approached him and he was unresponsive so everybody kind of went into action,” says Dr. Jason Shell, an ER doctor from Kentucky. “It’s a lucky place. Almost 5,000 doctors here, so everybody kind of came around and started immediately what needed to happen. (We) started resuscitation (that) lasted about five minutes.”

The heart attack victim was already awake when emergency personnel arrived, thanks to the work of several convention attendees.

His condition has not been released, but how lucky can he be to have a heart attack with thousands of ER doctors just a heartbeat away…


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